Investor Stories

146: Property Investing Tips, Tricks and Insights with Scott McWilliams

Scott McWilliams, an award-winning property agent and business development manager, shares his personal property journey, the lessons he learned along the way, and how he ultimately arrived at a certain point of success!

145: Property Investing Success Secrets with Jeremy Iannuzzelli

What does it take to be a successful property investor? Jeremy Iannuzzelli from Keshab Chartered accountants is here to share his amazing story in business and property investing, his secrets behind bulding a scalable property portfolio, his views on success, and many other golden insights.

144: How this Couple Mastered Their Mindset and Bought 4 Properties in under 2 years

In this episode, we listen to Jono and Tamie Gray’s journey – how they went from zero to four properties in less than two years, how they overcame their mindset in order to build a profitable property portfolio, where their new mindset has driven them to make massive changes in their lives, and heaps more!

143: Humans Of Dashdot: Creating a Transformational Life with Nicky and Natalie

Nicky Glover and Natalie Armstrong from Dashdot join us in today’s episode as we talk about their life and real estate journeys, and all things transformative – their views on success, habits for life improvement, the power of manifestation, and loads more!

142: Is It Ever Too Late to Start Investing in Property?

The awesome Vanessa Newton from Dashdot joins us as we discuss whether it’s ever too late to invest in property, fixed and variable interest rates, the right time to buy property in Sydney, the impact of infrastructure projects on your portfolio, and heaps more!

141: Finding the “Efficient Frontier” for Your Property Portfolio

Long-time friend of the show Charley Valher of Valher Media joins us as we tackle the efficient frontier curve, the Modern Portfolio theory, expensive versus cheap property, buying stigmatized units, and identifying gentrifying areas.

140: Is Property Investing Harder Today Than It Was 5 Years Ago?

Long-time friend of the show Charley Valher of Valher Media joins us today for a back-and-forth discussion about property, his new podcast called Asset Blocks, crafting a strategy, risk adjusted returns, and being able to adjust your tactics to fit the situation.

139: Property Investment Finance in 2022: What You Need to Know

Chris Raymond of Unconditional Finance takes us through property investment finance, talks about its current landscape and the changes in the interest rates, hurdle rates, and vendor discount rates. We also discuss how these changes affect investors and how they can navigate through such.

136: How This Investor Bought 3 Properties in 11 Months and Made Over 300% ROI

Get inspired by how a property investor managed to create a great portfolio, buy cheaper properties, and generate money from them. We will also walk through the three properties Sandi Kenny got over the past 11 months and everything she learned in her journey!

106: How This Couple Bought 8 Properties in 15 Months

Scaling a successful property portfolio quickly seems far-fetched and impossible… but is it? Joining us in today’s episode are Dashdot clients Bianca Kennedy & Charley Valher, as we talk about how they were able to buy 8 properties in just 15 months!

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