92: Advanced Property Finance Strategies with Stephen McClatchie

Do you want to buy more properties and build an exponential property portfolio, but you just can’t figure out how to make it happen?

94% of investors are stuck on their second property, and often never get past it…

But what if there was a strategy that not only gets you unstuck but also helps you grow your portfolio faster, and steer your investment as far as you want, where you want?    

Joining us in this episode is portfolio finance strategist, Stephen McClatchie
We talk about how to think about your finances…
The different ways to accelerate your wealth…
How to make sure that you don’t get stuck…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Stephen’s Background and Loans Australia [03:56]
  2. Why do most investors never get past their second property? [06:59]
  3. The best financial strategy to achieve maximum growth [10:59] 
  4. How does being cash flow positive affect borrowing capacity? [16:42]
  5. Paying-off loans by putting interest in investment property offsets [21:29]
  6. How Trusts help (or hinder) people’s investment strategy [29:33]
  7. Grouping properties and how it impacts borrowing capacity [36:58]
  8. A common mistake when getting financing and how to avoid making it [41:29]
  9. Stephen’s drive to educate & help people improve their position [44:40]
  10. The legacy that Stephen wants to leave behind [47:34]
  11. Is cash flow more important than growth? [50:04]
  12. Stephen’s courses and website [53:05]
  13. The benefits of getting a buyer’s advocate [56:43]

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About Our Guest:

Stephen Mclatchie is the Founder and Managing Director of Loans Australia, a company that offers complete solutions to clients in meeting all their financial and investing needs. He is also a portfolio finance strategist of choice for multiple property investors, property developers, business owners, and high-income earners.

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