Podcast Ep17: 10 Tips To Combat Uncertainty and Overwhelm

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Real wealth starts from the inside. In today’s environment, we need to focus on a sense of wellness and our ability to think clearly, strategically, and tactically, and that starts from having a lot more calm and certainty in your life.

Today’s episode is all about the tools you can use to overcome that overwhelming feeling of uncertainty. We talk about how to create a routine, different health, wellness, and mindfulness tactics for better productivity, how to adjust with working and living in the same space, and how to focus on using your time now to accelerate your position and prepare for the future.

Whether you’re into properties or just wellness in general, this episode was made with you in mind.

Sound bites & sound advice:

  1. Overwhelm and anxiety are a byproduct of uncertainty. [09:00]
  2. Create routines, plan your days to the minute, and stick to it. [11:32]
  3. Mental resilience starts with mental health. [14:54]
  4. Start a home exercise challenge. [16:13]
  5. Focus on your diet and your health. [21:00]
  6. Create a daily reading goal. [24:36]
  7. If you’re working from home, create a clear distinction for work times & spaces. [26:07]
  8. Don’t overload yourself with things in an attempt to fill a void. [28:32]
  9. Start a daily journal – it only takes 5 minutes! [31:06] gabi talks til 34:17?
  10. Set aside a dedicated “thinking time” each day. [35:08]
  11. Create action lists but DON’T take them all on simultaneously. [37:39]

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