Podcast Ep19: Crushing It: The 8 Traits That All Successful Investors and Entrepreneurs Have in Common

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Fun fact: 97% of businesses fail. Of course, that doesn’t mean yours should be part of this metric.

Successful investors & entrepreneurs have quite a number of things in common, whether it be their passion for business, their willingness to take calculated risks, being confident in their capabilities or having good management skills. We cover all that (and more) in this episode so stick around!

The 8 Traits of Successful Investors and Entrepreneurs:

  1. Having shared passion [04:49]
  2. The will to take calculated risks where most do not. [10:16]
  3. Flexibility: Nothing is linear! [19:13]
  4. Resilience – the capacity to bounce back from difficulty [24:23]
  5. Having self-confidence & believing in your capacity for success [29:51]
  6. Good management skills & being a team player [33:50]
  7. Have financial management skills – and no, you don’t have to have a degree. [40:20]
  8. GRIT. [42:55]

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