Podcast Ep24: Managing Risk and Increasing Cashflow with Mark Trowell

Property investing is not without its own stresses. You have to think about increasing cash flow, mitigating risk, and managing your properties overall.

Today, we have Mark Trowell from Yabonza. He and I go through the strategies in property management, how to optimize your portfolio, and some insights on how to navigate this space following the impact of the Coronavirus.

Take in these massively valuable insights on property investing by tuning in now!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The Start of Yabonza: Combining property and technology [03:47]
  2. Automating processes to benefit tenants & landlords [06:07]
  3. 2 Vectors of Entrepreneurial Leadership: Visionary and Integrator [09:55]
  4. Mark’s driving force for Yabonza’s vision [11:11]
  5. Communication and transparency are paramount in any stressful event [16:49] 
  6. Property investing is a long-term game [19:52]
  7. Negativity in the media is on overload [23:53]
  8. Building a low-risk portfolio: Yield, capital growth, and diversification [26:01]
  9. Supply, demand, and affordability affect property prices [31:33]
  10. Regional areas are stronger than capital cities [34:48]
  11. Property investing is not about chasing discounts [38:07]
  12. How can landlords increase their cash flow (and reduce risk)? [40:12]
  13. Advice for those looking to invest in properties [46:40]
  14. Understand your why to know the next step in investing [49:45]

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About Our Guest:

Mark Trowell is the CEO of Yabonza, the fastest growing and most disruptive property management company in Australia. He worked on real estate technology at Macquarie Bank where they find efficiencies to provide a great experience for their clients. From there, he took the leap to start Yabonza.

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