Podcast Ep27: Reverse Engineering Your Financial Freedom

Overlooking something simple could lead to you making irreparable mistakes to your portfolio and real estate journey.

In this episode, we talk about reverse engineering your financial goals. We dig into the strategies you need to deploy, the 4 framework points for defining your goal, what levers to pull, and other neat tips.

Start thinking differently and operate more powerfully. Tune in now!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The 4 key parts to reverse engineering your financial freedom [04:53]
  2. Start with the end in mind [05:40]
  3. The ‘Financially Independent Retire Early’ (F.I.R.E.) Movement [07:20] 
  4. Defining your bare minimum (freedom versus luxury) [09:50]
  5. Think of what your future self wants and superimpose into the future [11:23]
  6. Real estate is still a safer choice for the long-run [12:52]
  7. Aim for cash flow growth [13:52]
  8. Trick to computing how many properties to buy [17:00]
  9. The Apex Regression: What other levers can you pull? [19:09]
  10. Maximizing the yield on your portfolio [21:22]
  11. Optimization leads to getting more with less [23:44]
  12. Create the right ecosystem to get the right results [24:47]
  13. The point is to understand what you’re trying to achieve [26:30]

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