Podcast Ep28: NZ Property Investing with Hadley Nightingale

Real estate investing goes beyond borders.

For today’s episode, we’re going to look at the New Zealand property market. Together with Hadley Nightingale, we go over location selection, building a team, strategies that work wherever you are, and plenty more.

Investing in New Zealand could be your next property deal. Find out more by tuning in!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Maize farming and his real estate journey [06:54]
  2. Going back to real estate after attending a Robert Kiyosaki event [18:43]
  3. Leaving the ‘Drama Triangle’ to show up and do the work [21:08]
  4. Turning a mouldy house into a rent-by-room goldmine [23:33]
  5. The advantage of getting unemotional, objective opinions [28:59]
  6. Shifting from apartment blocks to investing in duplexes [30:12]
  7. Why he focuses on cash flow and not growth [32:16]
  8. Purchasing properties they can add value to [34:20]
  9. No expected property boom despite removal of loan to value restrictions [35:24]
  10. There are buying opportunities but the economy is uncertain [38:08]
  11. Advice for people looking to buy properties right now [39:25]
  12. Three reasons Australians invest in New Zealand [40:25]
  13. Comparing NZ and AU: net cash flow and property management rates [42:07]
  14. Preparing for the global demand for chicken [45:32]
  15. Always work with the right team and get solid advice [47:07] 

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About Our Guest:

Hadley Nightingale is a specialist property buyer from New Zealand. He has worked in the agriculture industry and spent 8 years working in the transport and mining industries in Australia before moving back to New Zealand. 

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