Podcast Ep29: Vacancy Rates: The Misunderstood Metric

Vacancy rates matter in property investing, but it’s often overlooked and undervalued.

Join us today as we engage in a scintillating conversation on vacancy rates. We go through buyer psychology, future growth indicators, the impact of the Coronavirus, and more.

How well do you understand this misunderstood metric? Tune in to learn more.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The disparity in vacancy rates tell us about supply and demand  [07:40]
  2. A 3% vacancy rate is good, but 1% is a crisis [10:09]
  3. Vacancy rates determine whether it’s a landlord’s or renter’s market [14:06]
  4. Population is not the sole factor affecting demand [18:21]
  5. Lower returns lead to property devaluation [24:52]
  6. Banks class areas based on their risk profile [27:37] 
  7. Vacancy rates as an indicator of capital growth [29:42]
  8. Indicators to look for that shows supply is reaching an equilibrium [36:46]
  9. The role of the government in managing vacancy rates [41:14]
  10. Psychographics: People’s desire dictate where they spend [48:16]
  11. Invest in an area based on what it is becoming [50:26]
  12. Increase your value proposition to retain customers [51:10]
  13. Tenant retention is a good selling point [57:38]
  14. Periods of vacancy is part of the long-term game [1:00:26]

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