Podcast Ep33: Discipline: An Uncomfortable Truth

Discipline is key to getting anything you want in life.

Find out how to think and make better decisions as we talk about the different levels of discipline, how to apply it to real estate investing, how desire can inspire or corrupt discipline, and tactics to achieve the outcome you want.

Start working on a disciplined life by tuning in to today’s episode!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Why do we need to talk about discipline? [06:34]
  2. The role of discipline in life and success [08:14]
  3. Your environment affects how you develop discipline [12:08]
  4. Discipline is the highest of all values [15:52]
  5. Reach success by having the discipline to commit to what you’re doing [17:09]
  6. What discipline is and what it isn’t [21:57] 
  7. Discipline affects all facets of your life [25:35]
  8. Applying discipline in property investing [30:33]
  9. External accountability can be both good and bad [36:50] 
  10. Your discipline needs to be attached to the right desire [39:00]
  11. Discipline without purpose doesn’t serve a function [43:31]
  12. The simple reason 90% of property investors fail [46:55]
  13. Tactics for cultivating the practice of discipline [48:51]

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