Podcast Ep34: Advanced Strategies for Cashflow and Growth with Henry Vila

Sometimes, all it takes to break free from your corporate job is to get inspired by someone who’s done it.

Today, Henry Vila shares his 5-year property entrepreneurship story, the three key areas to help drive your learning journey, insights into building rooming houses as a strategy for better cashflow and growth, and heaps more.

Whether you’re starting to invest or looking for advanced strategies, this episode is for you!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Henry’s journey from Venezuela to Australia [07:30]
  2. Making the jump from being a ‘corporate slave’ to a property entrepreneur [11:37]
  3. How his self-belief and perception of risk affected the transition [17:37]
  4. The impact of Tony Robbins’ business mastery events [23:40]
  5. The 3 key areas to drive your learning journey [28:24]
  6. Rooming houses is not for beginners in property investing [32:43]
  7. The move from simply buying houses to property development [36:29]
  8. The benefits of rooming houses [39:25]
  9. Financing and classification of rooming houses [41:24]
  10. Yields you can expect from rooming houses [48:14] 
  11. Why building rooming houses isn’t as popular as you’d expect [49:37] 

About Our Guest:

Henry Vila is the Managing Director of property developer, Stone Horizon. His personal and entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration to others ready to make the change. A proponent of building rooming houses, Henry seeks to teach more people about this advanced strategy to enable them to keep chasing their freedom.

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