Podcast Ep54: Higher Than Average Growth with Matt and Sasha

Did you know that you can outperform other investors by predicting the future of the property market?

What if there is a way for you to foresee how it will be doing in the next three or four years?

As unreal as it sounds, it is possible.

With the power of technology and algorithms, you can give yourself the leading edge advantage that you’ve always wanted.

Today, we’ll talk with two expert property market analysts, Matt and Sasha of Higher Than Average Growth, about how to leverage your knowledge of the future to outperform investors.

We’ll talk about machine-learning algorithms and how it’s different from AI…
What makes the human element essential to this kind of technology…
Why there are multiple growth drives that factor in…
And lots, lots more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The origins of Higher Than Average Growth [04:49]
  2. The team behind HTAG [09:11]
  3. Using past property market performance data to predict the future [11:41]
  4. Challenges in predicting the property cycle, all variables considered [15:41]
  5. How HTAG measures accuracy [18:15]
  6. AI vs machine-learning algorithms and their roles in property investing [20:09]
  7. The downside of applying technology to property investment [25:21]
  8. The biggest drivers of the growth of an area [30:02]
  9. The future of HTAG [36:16]
  10. Data interpretation still requires a human element [37:45]
  11. The only way to get your answers would be to keep probing [41:15]
  12. To train an algorithm, you have to feed it with a good diet of healthy data [42:40]

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About Our Guest:

Matt & Sasha are the founders of HtAG Analytics, helping real estate professionals make informed property decisions through the use of accurate data science. Together, they have made groundbreaking results and have greatly impacted the property investment community.

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