72: The Biggest Boom in History? Understanding the 18.6 Year Cycle with Akhil Patel

What if you can predict what the market would look like in the coming years based on a perpetual cycle (that the whole world seems to be following)?

You see, as intricate and unpredictable as the property market may seem…

There is actually a pattern behind the ups and downs of the economy!

If you’re someone who wants to time the market right and prepare for any economic downturn that may come, then this episode is perfect for you.

Today, let’s unravel the pattern as finance, economics, and property cycle expert, Akhil Patel, shares with us his expertise on the 18.6-year property and share market cycle and what it means to you and me as property investors!

We’ll talk about the phases of the 18.6-year cycle…
Where we currently are in the cycle…
What happens after the current cycle ends…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A brief background on Akhil [04:51]
  2. How he discovered the 18.6-year cycle [06:22]
  3. The relationship between the real estate sector and the financial sector [10:08]
  4. How real estate underpins all other financial aspects of the economy [12:16]
  5. What is the “18.6-year cycle”? [16:08]
  6. The different characteristics of each phase in the cycle [18:55]
  7. Why technology is an instrument to the shift in the economy [20:42]
  8. Would the recession have happened even without the Coronavirus? [22:20]
  9. The bond yield curve inversion [25:38]
  10. Could it be that the market is living out a self-fulfilling prophecy? [27:24]
  11. The next thing after the mid-cycle slowdown [29:13]
  12. The world economy going in an up-cycle for the next few years [31:49]
  13. What happens after the end of the up-cycle [33:55]
  14. The real estate cycle in Australia, the UK, and the US [37:50]
  15. Do other parts of the world such as China also have the same 18-year cycle? [40:23]
  16. How the cycle gets bigger every time [43:12]
  17. The world entering the biggest real estate boom since [45:03]
  18. A historical look at the biggest economic declines prior to the GFC [46:29]
  19. The benefit of knowing when the up-cycle will be [48:43]
  20. Is there a correlation between the real estate cycle and the share cycle? [51:37]
  21. What Akhil is working on and why he’s so passionate about it [53:30]
  22. Avoiding the boom-bust cycle through the tax system [55:45]
  23. Why buildings are the key indicator of the revenue generation component [59:08]
  24. All wealth flows into land [1:00:18]
  25. Akhil’s advice to people going into the boom-bust cycle [1:00:36]
  26. How people can best use this phase in the cycle [1:02:59]

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About Our Guest:

Akhil Patel is a world-leading expert on financial, property, and economic cycles. Working closely with Philip J. Anderson, author of The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking, he did extensive research on the property market cycles to ensure that investors and business owners can avoid suffering the negative effects of an economic downturn and prepare better throughout the economic cycles.

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