73: The Macro Trends Shaping Business and Property

Curious about what the next big thing in business and property may be?

What variables do you need to keep your eyes on when determining when to make the shift and where?

A new technological revolution is on the rise and new trends are starting to develop that’ll shape your business and property journey!

The face of business and property is changing and it’s to make a move!

This episode is part of our ‘Property and Business’ series with Charley Valher, created to help business owners decide on “what’s next” and get them back on track.

Today, we’ll talk about technology and how it’s affecting both property and business…

The two key factors in interstate migration…

What happens to businesses whose services can’t go virtual…

And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. How technology is affecting the property market [07:52]
  2. Does technology give a leading-edge advantage to property investors? [13:03]
  3. The most important trends in technology in the business space [16:04]
  4. The link between technology and decentralisation [18:05]
  5. Possible future developments in interstate migration [20:44]
  6. The two key factors in interstate migration [22:33]
  7. How feasible is it to live away from the CBD? [27:11]
  8. Forces that affect migration [32:39]
  9. Factors to consider when rent-vesting [34:04]
  10. What happens when the ATO decides to build an office in a regional center [38:33]
  11. Are businesses that can’t digitise their services be able to get on with the trend? [40:38]
  12. Businesses prosper when there’s passion [46:38]
  13. Does the environment affect how people start businesses in general? [49:28]
  14. As trends change, lifestyle and businesses also change with them [51:21]

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