107: Where Does Property Development Fit Into Your Property Portfolio? (Feat. Rob Flux)

Looking for more ways to broaden your property portfolio?

Well, property development may just be what you need.

Today, we have a chat with Rob Flux, Founder of Property Developer Network and one of the go-to people who are incredibly knowledgeable about property development. We cover the benefits and risks of property development, who it’s for and how it ties into your portfolio.

We also talk about what you need to know before getting into property development…
Mistakes most people make getting started…
Living a minimum viable life…
And much, much more!

If you want to know how to achieve a life of freedom, choice and abundance, this episode should be on your watch (or listen) list!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A quick overview of Rob’s background in property [02:40]
  2. Negative gearing strategy vs. positive cash flow [04:05]
  3. Rob’s journey and how he got started in property development [06:42]
    • What gave Rob the confidence to take on a big project as a first-timer? [09:55]
    • One of the first things he learned during the process [11:30]
  4. About Property Developers Network (and the path to teaching others) [12:38]
  5. What people need to know before getting into property development [14:18]
  6. Does a project’s location matter more than feasibility? [15:47]
  7. The optimal time to get into the market for a development project [18:22] 
  8. Rob’s profession before transitioning to property development [20:55]
  9. Why bother with property development? [21:49]
  10. Combining property development with property investment as a strategy [23:04]
  11. Should you focus on property investment, or development instead? [25:43]
  12. Can you have a day job and work in property development at the same time? [27:37]
  13. Achieving freedom & living a minimum viable life [29:04]
  14. A reasonable time frame from a standing start to ‘freedom’ through property development [34:13]
    • How much do professional services cost? [37:39]
  15. The biggest mistake people make in property development [38:03]
  16. How to decide on your strategy [39:59]
  17. Rob’s end goal [42:03]
  18. Where to draw inspiration to keep going [43:15]
  19. Why Rob doesn’t aim for ‘billionaire’ status [45:01]
  20. A tidbit on low money-down deals [45:59]

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About our guest:

Rob Flux is a Property Developer, Educator, Mentor & Public Speaker on all things property and property development. Having achieved his own financial freedom through property development, Rob now spends much of his time giving back to others through education and mentoring programs through his company Developer Network Pty Ltd, where he works with his clients to assist them in doing projects of their own by showing them the ropes along the way.

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