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170: Top Things You Need To Know About Building Inspections with Elias Oostveen

In today’s episode, Elias Oostveen joins us to prove that building inspectors do more than just spreading doom and gloom. The CEO and Founder of Home Integrity shares the importance of dealing with maintenance issues, the risks and opportunities investing entails, and what exactly a building inspector does.

169: What the QLD Land Tax Changes Mean For YOU | Jeremy Iannuzzelli, Property Tax Expert

In today’s episode, Jeremy Iannuzzelli joins us to discuss Queensland’s land tax and interstate property changes. Find out what these calculations actually are and how they will impact property investors! We also debunk some of the speculation surrounding it and reveal to you how you can navigate these changes without breaking the bank.

168: What Happens If I Buy a Property And The Market Crashes? Q&A with Goose & Gabi

In today’s episode, Goose and Gabi address some of the questions that may have been troubling you about the future of the property market. They also discuss the current consumer sentiment and how it dictates prices as well as finding the right timing when buying property.

167: How To Tackle Rising Interest Rates In Your Portfolio

In today’s episode, Gabi and Goose discuss the best approaches to managing the interest hikes in your portfolio. From rent increases to renovation, we explore some tactics that can help improve your cash flow in the long run!

166: What is the REAL Cost of Inflation?

In today’s episode, Gabi is joining me to look into real interest rates and real cost of capital. We also discuss the practicality of deploying capital in this economic climate and how you can lessen your paranoia by making more financially sound choices and adopting a healthy, positive mindset.

165: How Getting a 375% ROI is Helping This Investor to Buy Their Dream Home with Joel Hatch

In today’s episode, we reveal how Joel Hatch discovered the hidden money in his property investment, giving him a whopping 375% ROI in just 28 months!

164: How Depreciation Can Help You Scale Your Portfolio w/ Mike Mortlock

Real estate does NOT go to zero! Mike Mortlock from MCG Quantity Surveyors joins us in this episode to talk about tax depreciation and how you can take advantage of it to maximise your investments.

163: Is the Property Market Crashing? with Charley and Grant

Today’s part 2 of me sitting in with Charley and Grant as we talk about investment opportunities, wealth-building options, and growth mindset in the middle of an economic downturn.

162: Property Investing In A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with Jeremy Iannuzzelli

Resident property and tax expert Ian Iannuzzelli hops back on the show as we dig into SMSF and all the goodies that come with it. We talk about the basics of SMSFs, how to get started, and how you can use it in your property investing journey!

161: Will Interest Rates Continue to Rise? with Charley and Grant

Friends of the channel, Charley Valher and Grant Merriel, join us as we have an awesome talk about rising interest rates, building wealth when interest rates are high, forecasting interest rates, and more!

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