125: The Death of Cashflow?

Right now, the property market is living in a paradox. Prices are going up, and rents are going up, while yields are going down, and it definitely has had effects on cashflow. 

There’s less market stock, vacancy rates are going down, and people are moving to different places in the country. With all these happening, how can you as an investor navigate such a low-yield environment?

Learn how to adjust your mindset to adapt to a lower-yield environment, still come out on top to make sure you’re still investing for success, find your way around the difficulty of getting positive cashflow in the current market, and more by tuning in to the podcast!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The paradox of rising rents & decreasing yields [04:32]
  2. Yields vs. rents within cities [07:54]
    • The belief that rents will rise faster per year in the future [10:45]
  3. Sacrifice short-term yields for longer-term yield opportunities [13:16]
  4. How do you know if a property’s rent will increase in the future? [16:11]
  5. What’s causing the influx of migrants to regional centers? [19:32]
    • “Less available stock” than the same period a year before [20:46]
    • An overview of what the “regional migration” looks like [23:55]
  6. Stock availability & the struggle to buy property in current times [26:13]
  7. Investors can claim these as tax deductions [28:19]
  8. How to tackle & approach low-yield environments [30:07]
  9. Reframing your mindset to succeed in life & real estate [34:12]
  10. The property problem we face as a nation [36:18]
  11. What navigating the market in low-yield environments looks like [38:42]

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