146: Property Investing Tips, Tricks and Insights with Scott McWilliams

How does a big player in the property market play the game? 

Scott McWilliams, an award-winning property agent and business development manager, shares his personal property journey, the lessons he learned along the way, and how he ultimately arrived at a certain point of success!

We talk about his game in the Townsville property market, tips for aspiring property investors, avoiding overcapitalising during renovations, finding the right property for the right market, and lots more!

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See you on the inside! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Scott’s story behind the 2021 REIQ award [01:45] 
  2. Scott’s background in property investing [04:45]
  3. The evolving market in Townsville [08:48]
  4. How a flood and the COVID pandemic stimulated the Townsville market [11:44]
  5. Development projects contributing to the Townsville boom [14:30]
  6. How receiving the REIQ award changed Scott’s business [17:55]
  7. Common mistakes property investors make [19:10]
  8. The rental vacancy rate crisis [24:34]
  9. Scott’s personal home journey [28:00]
  10. Scott’s advice for aspiring property investors [32:33]
  11. Money and time-saving tips & what to do with an ugly kitchen [37:21]
  12. Avoiding overcapitalising when renovating [39:21]
  13. Finding a desirable property for the appropriate market [42:12]

Scott McWilliams is one of Townsville’s most trusted agents and the recipient of the REIQ 2021 Awards for Excellence, Business Development Manager of the year. Scott works with individuals and investor groups and specialises in assisting buyers agencies.

Being a keen investor in Townsville, Scott utilises the experience he has curated over the last decade of buying, selling, renovating and renting property to provide the most extensive knowledge of the regions market. 

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