148: What To Do If You Buy The “Wrong” Property, Plus Q&A | with Vanessa Newton

We got your burning questions, and it’s going to be a fun time answering them!

How does rising interest affect investors’ back pockets? What could possibly happen when stamp duty is abolished? What does it really mean to be successful in property investment? How can you get out of analysis paralysis?

Vanessa Newton of Dashdot joins me once again as we touch on these great topics and so much more!

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See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. What happens when interest rates go up [02:30]
  2. How increased interest rates affect investors’ back pockets [06:18]
  3. How to deal with negatively geared properties [09:32]
  4. Pros and cons of removing stamp duty [15:30]
  5. How to escape analysis paralysis [21:30]
  6. What it takes to be a successful investor [28:30]
    1. Why a good property portfolio is key to successful investments [29:44]
    2. The goal every investor should keep in mind [31:43]
    3. Getting rid of the outdated mindset on property investing [32:38]
  7. Why going into property investments is also a learning process  [37:38]
  8. What makes Dashdot a unique company [40:04]

Vanessa Newton is an operations manager at Dashdot. Through ten years of dedicated operations management, she has experienced an all-round view of businesses with a range of roles and responsibilities. She is an experienced leader with the ability to adapt, understand and connect with all stakeholders in all levels of a business, to deliver a company’s strategic goal.

Her experience is backed up with the education of an MBA, Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) qualification and the Oxford Saiid Business School, Leading High Performing Teams course.

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