157: How 2 Properties in 7 Months Transformed This Family’s Future

In today’s The Investor Lab episode, we talk about how property investing sparked a transformational change in a couple’s (and their children’s) life! 

Aaron and Kira are two property investors from Perth and they share their journey from how they met, their beginnings in property investing, how their mindset has shifted after owning a bunch of properties, and more!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Kira’s big move from Canada to Australia & the start of a love story [02:21]
  2. Relocating from Melbourne to Perth [06:35]
  3. The start of a property investing journey [10:53]
  4. How the couple expanded their property’s potential [19:55]
  5. Searching for an investment property in Perth [25:38]
  6. The mindset shift after investing in property [31:06]
  7. Securing your future with investment properties [35:17]
  8. Should you risk buying property in a declining market? [40:31]
  9. The couple’s advice to people who want to work with Dashdot [44:42]
  10. Aaron & Kira’s 3 simple truths [48:02]
  11. Shoutouts to the Dashdot team [53:21]

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