156: What Interest Rate Rises Mean for YOU with Chris Raymond

With banks raising interest rates, is it time for property investors to cut their losses and sell? 

Chris Raymond of Unconditional Finance joins us in this episode as we do a little bit of forecasting on where the market is going… and whether it’s time to panic! 

We cover a lot of ground in today’s show: What the media is saying vs the actual market conditions, a possible drop in interest rates after a few years, the optimal property investing strategy in the current market, and more!

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See you on the inside! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. An overview of the interest rate rises [02:13]
  2. On bank forecasts and stress tests [06:51]
  3. Cash rate vs interest rate [10:13]
  4. Is a recession around the corner? [16:50]
  5. The effect of rising interest rates on homeowners vs investors [21:19]
  6. Chris’s advice for property investors [25:23]
  7. Should you put your portfolio on interest-only, forever? [28:21]
  8. The best strategy in property investing during high interest rates [32:57]
  9. Quick recap and insights on the rental market [35:51]
  10. Should property investors worry about interest rate rises? [38:43]

About our guest:

Chris Raymond founded Unconditional Finance, an award-winning mortgage broking company specialising in residential, commercial, investment lending and development finance.

He is passionate about what he does and the clients he can assist. Being an investor, he knows the importance of having your loans tailored and structured in the most effective way, allowing you to continue to grow your portfolio in line with your financial goals.

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