Interest Rates

161: Will Interest Rates Continue to Rise? with Charley and Grant

Friends of the channel, Charley Valher and Grant Merriel, join us as we have an awesome talk about rising interest rates, building wealth when interest rates are high, forecasting interest rates, and more!

158: Buying Property in the Current Market with Tim Keating

Tim Keating, Dashdot’s Head of Property Team, joins us as we shed light on the truth about what’s really happening in the current property market.

157: How 2 Properties in 7 Months Transformed This Family’s Future

This lovely couple from Perth share their journey from how they met, their beginnings in property investing, how their mindset has shifted after owning a bunch of properties, and more!

114: What Happens to Property Investors When Interest Rates Rise?

Should interest rates affect your investment decisions? Today, we tackle the nature and economic impacts of interest rates. We investigate if interest rates do drive the price of properties by weighing the facts to help you decide if rising rates should stop you from buying assets.

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