188: How This Millennial Got A 61.7% Return In 4 Months

Achieving over 60% return on invested capital is a BIG WIN! 

The property narrative is always changing but younger investors are now finding ways to work around inflation and paying mortgages.

Is it really worth the risk to establish a property portfolio early on? 

Or is it safer to wait around for the right time to buy potential investments in ideal locations?

To answer these questions, we are joined by Nick Tchea who shares his experience in buying his first property which eventually led him to change his whole perspective on investing.

Goose and Nick will also walk through what it’s like to have conscious decision-making and financial freedom as a millennial.

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See you on the inside! 

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In this episode, we covered:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. Nick Tchea’s background [01:08]
  3. Changing perspectives to invest in property [03:05]
  4. Risk-taking on Crypto vs. Property as younger generation [06:00]
  5. Understanding investment properties [09:00]
  6. Nick’s 1st investment property [10:35]
  7. Experience on crashing property markets [13:55]
  8. Huge investment growth within 4 months [15:03]
  9. Loan structuring process [16:14]
  10. Sharing tips with friends [17:09]
  11.  Nick’s goals by 2030 [18:35]
  12. Portfolio Growth Plan insights [20:23]
  13. Nick’s future plans, advice, and tips to overcome fears [21:23]

About Our Guest:

Nicholas “Nick” Tchea is a 27-year old RF Communications Engineer and a Property Investor based in Melbourne, Australia. Nick already gained investment growth in just four months and he aims to do more in the next seven years. He never lets his money just sit in the bank since his mindset as a millennial is to take risks to expand his investment portfolio.

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