121: Humans of Dashdot: Turning a Passion for Property into a Fulfilling Career with Lana Grayson

If you had a way to turn your passion into something that fulfils you every day, wouldn’t you want to do just that?

Meet Lana Grayson, one of our Property Acquisition Managers at Dashdot. We chat about how she started her property journey, when she realized she wanted a career in property, and how she turned her passion into a fulfilling career.

Check out the first episode of our ‘Humans of Dashdot’ series here and stay tuned for more inspirational, encouraging stories from our side of the pond.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Getting started with property and Lana’s work at Dashdot [02:18]
    • When did she figure out she wanted a career in property? [07:28]
    • Learnings from working at a property development & project marketing group [09:41]
    • How different is Lana’s current role from what she used to do? [11:08]
  2. What moments have most shaped who Lana is today? [13:39]
  3. A Property Acquisition Manager’s advice to her younger self [14:34]
  4. The value of starting your day how you want the day to go [17:00]
  5. A book Lana recommends for property first-timers [18:58]
  6. What success is for Lana [21:10]
  7. Lana’s secret tips for future Dashdot clients [22:09]
  8. Lana’s three truths [25:18]

About our guest:

Lana Grayson is a passionate property professional who thrives on helping others to achieve their life goals through property. She got the property bug early by helping her mum flip houses, and has been pursuing her passion ever since. She is also a massive foodie, and whenever she is not either eating delicious food, or hanging out with her awesome dog and wonderful partner, she spends her spare time trawling the market for more amazing real estate deals.

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