134: How to Price Risk in Your Property Portfolio

There’s always a certain risk in anything you invest in, but is there a way you can measure which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t?

Join us as we talk about the factors to look into before buying properties or any type of assets. We also discuss the financial and emotional implications of investing, the costs of purchasing a property, how to think about portfolio strategy and asset allocation, and a whole lot more!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The importance of considering the risks in your property portfolio [03:29]
  2. Thinking about the quantity of your investment [05:20]
  3. Factors to consider before deciding the number of assets to buy [06:23]
  4. What is your risk profile and how much do you price risk? [10:36]
  5. Why you should risk-grade assets [14:23] 
  6. Assess the risk profile of your individual assets and entire portfolio [16:24]
  7. Choosing the diversity of your investments [18:06] 
  8. An interesting framework with risk management [22:00]
  9. Working with someone with expertise in asset selection (for shares) [27:03]
  10. The diminishing rate of return [27:49]
  11. Weighing in the emotional risks when purchasing assets [30:44]

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