153: What Impact Does the Election Have on Property Markets?

Is there really a reason to be worried about the property market because of the election?

In this episode, we’re getting rid of the doubts and myths surrounding the recent polls, their effects on the property market that are keeping investors on the edge of their seats, and some interesting topics on property investing.

How do increasing interest rates affect rent and a buyer’s affordability?
What factors are currently driving the property market?
Why does it matter to have a good investment thesis?

We’re also letting you in on the essential things you have to keep in mind about the property market!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. How the property market has been throughout the years [02:24]
  2. The real score between the election and property market [06:20]
  3. How rising interest rates affect affordability [11:10]
  4. Factors that will extend to a rental crisis [13:46]
  5. Increasing interest rates also means higher rent [16:32]
  6. What really happens to property prices when interest rates go up [19:24]
  7. Why it’s necessary to have a good investment strategy [22:23]
  8. Important things to understand about the property market [26:26]

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