167: How To Tackle Rising Interest Rates In Your Portfolio

As interest rates continue to rise, so do many investors’ stress and anxiety levels.

In this period of market volatility, it is normal to worry about the impact this will have on your portfolio…

However, it is up to you to change your perspective and see this as an opportunity to create long-term strategies in building your wealth. 

In today’s episode, Gabi and Goose discuss some approaches to managing the interest hikes in your portfolio. From rent increases to renovation, we explore every tactic that can help improve your cash flow in the long run!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. How interest rates are affecting consumer confidence [04:50]
  3. Learning to adapt to the current economic circumstances [09:58] 
  4. How to offset cash flow risks [15:15] 
  5. Identifying long-term strategies for growth [23:51]
  6. Purchasing property with PMI versus interest only [28:48]
  7. The best approach to offset cash flow deficits [33:08]
  8. Considering rent increases [37:25]
  9. Blue chip property investments [40:15]
  10. Making personal sacrifices in our cost of living [44:36]

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