168: What Happens If I Buy a Property And The Market Crashes? Q&A with Goose & Gabi

This period of economic uncertainty has been mind-boggling for first-home buyers and long-time investors alike…

Whether or not a recession hits any time soon, it is best to be prepared, informed, and ready to adapt to possible changes.

In today’s episode, Goose and Gabi address some of the questions that may have been troubling you about the future of the property market. They also discuss the current consumer sentiment and how it dictates prices as well as finding the right timing when buying property.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. The effect of doom fatigue on society [05:09]
  3. Should you wait for the market to drop before buying property? [09:08]
  4. But how can you tell if the market is dropping? [20:44] 
  5. Short-term versus long-term perspective [27:11] 
  6. Decision-making based on negative emotions [31:39]
  7. Calculating your odds of success [38:27]
  8. Price sensitivity because of debt [46:33]
  9. You’re only fearful if you don’t know who the enemy is [53:18]
  10. Should rising interest rates stop you from buying property? [54:19]
  11. How to do a proper rental assessment [1:02:48]

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