177: Do You Need A Property Portfolio Growth Plan?

There is a new tool that is changing the game for property investors all across Australia… 

Wherever you may be in your property investment journey, this guide can help you build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

In today’s episode, we are joined by the Head of Client Success Jason D’Silva to talk about why you need to build your property portfolio growth plan. Find out how his other clients have found success in their investment journey through the property portfolio growth plan–and how you can use this tool to maximize your investment returns as well!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. What is a property portfolio growth plan? [04:18]
  3. The biggest challenges most investors face [08:18]
  4. Who can benefit from having a property portfolio growth plan? [15:24] 
  5. The journey to wealth building: unrealistic goals [20:23] 
  6. What are achievable goals? [24:20]
  7. Jason D’Silva’s property portfolio growth plan [26:56]
  8. Client success stories from the property portfolio growth plan [33:42]
  9. Starting a property portfolio growth plan [38:39]

Jason D’Silva is a passionate property investor, and also the leader of the Client Success team at Dashdot. He started investing at an early age, and like many investors, made a few mistakes along the way. Nonetheless, his passion for property investing, and the transformation it can deliver has not waned, and he has been committed to developing his skills and experience in this field ever since. In fact, part of his passion for helping others is driven by a desire to help others avoid the mistakes he made early on, and to be able to light a way to property success. Jason is a great example of how any millennial can become a successful investor.

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