95: How to Think About Structuring Your Real Estate Investment Business

“What got you out of Egypt may not get you to the promised land.” 

Once you’ve gone past three or four properties, tailoring the way you play your real estate journey becomes more important. So how do you get from here to there? How can you make your portfolio better? 

Think of your investment as a business.

In this episode, we explore how to think about the next big step in your investment journey.

We talk about portfolio structuring…
Why the real estate industry is obsessed with keeping costs low…
How to approach land tax…
And heaps more!

We’ll see you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. An introduction to portfolio structuring [03:43]
  2. Trusts and asset protection in portfolio structuring [05:19]
  3. A simple way to think about real estate investment [08:22]
  4. Why it’s good to isolate your assets from one another’s risks [11:13]
  5. Profit distribution from one business to another [15:43]
  6. The real estate industry’s obsession with keeping costs low [20:15]
  7. Trust structures and asset mixing [24:43]
  8. How to think about portfolio mix in terms of types of assets [28:57]
  9. Costs no longer matter if you see your investment as a business [35:49] 
  10. Is it worth considering the costs that will be triggered? [41:09]
  11. How to approach or think about land tax [45:00]

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