94: The Goldilocks Zone: Maximum Profits From Market Cycles

You’ve probably heard the story of Goldilocks a thousand times or more by now, and her finding the porridge that was ‘just right’.

In terms of property investing, finding the right time to invest holds a similar concept. You need to get into the market at a time when it’s ‘just right’ to get maximum profit from market cycles…

And by understanding market cycles, you’ll be able to optimise your investments when the market is at its peak – and even when it isn’t. 

In this episode, we tackle the Goldilocks Zone and why it is the ideal time to get into the market.    

We talk about market cycle fundamentals…
Why rents rise first and prices follow…
How the cycle works with the APEX progression…
And much, much more.

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A walk-through of market cycle fundamentals [06:13]
  2. How do we identify where we’re currently at in the cycle? [12:25]
  3. Timing is everything [15:59]
  4. Understanding growth cycles [18:30]
  5. How does the growth cycle relate to the rental cycle? [21:12]
  6. Where in the cycle is the Goldilocks Zone? [23:31]
  7. Why do rents rise first, and prices follow? [25:00]
  8. Signs that you’re already too late in the cycle [29:44] 
    • What should we do if we already missed the Goldilocks Zone? [30:58]
  9. How the cycle works with the APEX progression [34:00]
  10. Timing the market vs. relying on value-adding strategies [39:18]
  11. What to do when the “boom’ is over and holding a property doesn’t do that much [45:54]
  12. The Holy Trinity as a risk mitigation strategy [50:00]

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