51: Why Business Owners Need to Build Wealth Inside and Outside of the Business

Have you ever thought about what would happen to you and your business if the market suddenly shifted?

Or what would happen if you didn’t, or couldn’t, show up to keep the wheels turning?

You see, most business owners focus all of their time and energy on building a better machine… 

But very few have a plan for what would happen if they need to, or want to, stop working one day.

If you’re someone who wants to have a more stable future and create more time, and more freedom……

But don’t want to end up sacrificing your business along the way…

Then this episode is perfect for you.

Today marks the first part of our ‘Property and Business’ series with Charley Valher, Founder and CPO of Valher Media.

A series designed to help answer the question that all business owners must face…

“What’s next?”

And, today we’ll talk about why you need to start thinking about property investing…
How you can use real estate debt to your advantage…
The secret power of rentvesting…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Why Charley started thinking about property—and why you should, too [08:00]
  2. Owners tend to build businesses that can’t flourish without them [10:40]
  3. Property investment allows you to create other pillars of wealth [15:01]
  4. How to break free from your business through Rentvesting [17:43]
  5. How Goose discovered the ultimate hack to property investing [21:19]
  6. Diversification: Taking money from your business and investing it in property [29:24]
  7. Factors that can potentially change the market in the future [35:25]
  8. Proximity doesn’t necessarily equate to business growth [42:15]
  9. Charley’s initial ‘belief thresholds” on various investment possibilities [44:09]
  10. Decoding real estate debt [48:04]
  11. The property market is non-linear and moves in cycles [52:59]
  12. Property core drivers are key in making good investment decisions [57:08]
  13. No business owner wants volatility in their property portfolio [59:38]
  14. Always prepare for what’s next [1:01:42] 

About Our Guest:

Charley Valher is a household name among business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. He is the Founder and CPO of Valher Media, helping entrepreneurs scale their business through the business of podcasting. His expertise has helped launch multiple podcasters into becoming one of the best in their field.

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