140: Is Property Investing Harder Today Than It Was 5 Years Ago?

Would it really be such a different experience to invest in property now than if you had done it 5 years ago?

And if it was, is property still a worthwhile investment despite the challenges that come with it?

Long-time friend of the show Charley Valher of Valher Media joins us today for a back-and-forth discussion about property, his new podcast called Asset Blocks, crafting a strategy, risk-adjusted returns, and being able to adjust your tactics to fit the situation.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Charley on starting Asset Blocks, a property podcast [02:15]
  2. Adapting to changing property investing tactics and strategies [05:57]
  3. What should you focus on when crafting a strategy? [11:02] 
  4. Flexibility with tactics makes a good property investor [15:36]
  5. Is it harder to start investing in property now than before? [19:03]
  6. Is property investing still worth pursuing despite the challenge? [25:34]
  7. Using risk adjusted return to create an optimal property portfolio [31:50]
  8. Do you need to risk investing in something new to get to your goal? [38:15]

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Charley Valher is a household name among business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. He is the Founder and CPO of Valher Media, helping entrepreneurs scale their business through the business of podcasting. His expertise has helped launch multiple podcasters into becoming one of the best in their field.

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