172: Turning Risk into Reward with Josh Meli

Everyone knows that to achieve greatness, you have to take risks and get outside of your comfort zone… But this can be hard, and scary.

Which is why so many people never live up to their greatest potential.

In today’s episode, Josh Meli reveals to us his secret to turning risk into reward. At only 22 years old, Josh is already onto his second investment purchase–a HUGE turning point for the young property investor. Find out how Josh is able to use his ambition as his driving force and turn his dreams into reality!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. How Josh Meli got into commercial real estate at 17 [03:36]
  3. The transition from commercial to real estate sales [08:20]
  4. Josh Meli’s personal property journey [11:44] 
  5. The influence of working with Dashdot [16:02] 
  6. Property investment turning point: Josh’s biggest risk [19:43]
  7. Transforming risk into reward in the current market conditions [24:20]
  8. How you can achieve your goals through risk and ambition [33:09]
  9. Property investment advice for Gen Z [36:57]

Joshua Meli is a Property Acquisition Manager at Dashdot, helping everyday Australians achieve financial freedom through understanding and investing in real estate. He is an experienced Customer Service Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the security and investigations industry.

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