90: If I Knew Then What I Know Now…

Have you ever wondered how things would turn out if you knew what you know now, but 10 years ago? 

Throughout our journey in business or in real estate, there are certainly a couple of speed bumps that have served as real eye-openers for us…

And now that we understand the industry better and how things work, we find ourselves thinking about the “could’ve beens” and how we’d do things differently. 

In today’s episode, we recall the past, share our learnings, and discuss fear and failure. 

We talk about our individual realizations & insights…
Why playing the short game is a problem for most people…
What we would’ve done differently in our 20s…
And so much more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Has the approach on podcast strategy changed for 2021? [02:55]
  2. What would have Charley done differently if he has the wisdom he has now 10 years ago [08:57]
    • Having a good mentor would have been a game-changer at 22 [13:00]
  3. Playing a very, very short game is a problem among most people [15:34]
  4. Distinct moments often serve as turning points [18:17]
  5. What would Goose have done differently 10 years ago with knowledge he has now? [19:24]
  6. Life was meant to be easy and business was made to be fun [26:04] 
  7. What would be Charley today if he had the wisdom he has now 10 years ago? [27:04]
    • How to tell whether an opportunity is a dead end or the future [29:09]
  8. Addressing fear and failure [34:40]
  9. The different factors involved in how we approach failure [38:34]
  10. Things we would’ve adjusted or focused on when we were 20 [42:46]

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